Recruit, Retain & Develop Talent

It can be really frustrating when you hire the wrong person or alternatively when a good person leaves as they feel they aren’t getting what they need from their job.

In a sector where talent is in high demand and short supply, the result can also be very expensive – payoffs; recruitment fees and time.

Our Solution

We believe that an effective talent strategy starts with your values.

How clear are you about these? How congruent are your personal values as a leader with those of your organisation? How consistently are these values applied day to day when making strategic and operational decisions?

We help you apply this new clarity to every stage of recruitment, retention and leadership/staff development in ways that makes it simpler to drive growth of your organisation.

Harrison Assessments is one of our tools that can help you better understand your current or potential staff’s work preferences and tendencies for specific behaviours especially when under pressure, providing valuable insight for both recruitment and retention strategies.

Key steps:


Initial chat with one of our founders, face-to-face or over the phone to become acquainted.

Talent Clarity Session

2.5hr one-to-one session to comprehensively review your organisation’s talent health in order to highlight the 3 main barriers to growing its impact.

Leadership & Team Development

Full day team workshop to increase understanding of each team members’ strengths, preferred behavioural traits and communication styles, resulting in an action plan for each member to work on their own strengths and gaps

Embedding Talent Strategy

Thirteen 2hr business coaching sessions over 90 days to develop a clear Talent Strategy and understanding of the COO role required to ‘free up’ the CEO to drive the enterprise to the next stage of growth

Embedding Core Habits

Ongoing support you help embed the core habits of enterprise & execution within your organisation – communication, personal productivity, plan-do-review methodology, measurement and flowcharting

It all starts with an initial chat

So get in touch to find out more about how we can help you recruit, retain and develop your talent

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