How do I solve my social enterprise’s biggest challenge to growth?

Bubble Chamber specialises in understanding ambitious social entrepreneurs to help them solve problems, unlock value and grow social impact

“Clarity is the Key to Growth”

(Co-founders, Craig Carey & Ben Freedman)

This statement is born out of a combined 50+ years spent in the social sector and consistently hearing about 3 key growth challenges for those trying to deliver social impact:

Confused Leadership

A lack of clarity around purpose, vision, values, market positioning and measures of success

Confused Strategy

A lack of clarity around the plans for marketing, sales, finance, operations and talent needed to achieve success

Confused Culture

A lack of the clear enterprise mindset and behaviour essential to achieve and sustain scale

How does Bubble Chamber help leaders gain clarity and use that clarity to grow their organisations?

Through the use of Business Coaching, we always start by understanding your specific needs as an individual. We then support you, with a selection of tools, to design and execute strategic goals that can achieve sustainable growth and drive social impact.

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Wow – what a book. It was so comprehensive that I see it as ‘the definitive guide to help and support the creation of a successful enterprise.’
Raoul Pinnell
Chairman of Bromley Healthcare CIC

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