Create an Enterprising Culture

“I just wish people in the organisation were more enterprising!” There is nothing worse than having a great plan to drive social value and crashing against a barrier of apparent indifference. It sucks all the enjoyment out of your role as leader and destroys any potential social value.

Our Solution

Perhaps the greatest strength of social enterprises is the commitment of the people that work there, a commitment that provides the lifeblood of every enterprise.

Effective culture, however, starts with effective communication. That is why we always recommend that people invest in a proper engagement strategy. This focuses on establishing clear and consistent pipelines of communication between all relationships within the organisation.

Using a tool such as Engagement Multiplier makes this process simple and easy but deaf ears can often make things even worse. That is why we also emphasise the need through our videos to develop effective habits of understanding and challenge so essential to enterprise (view a sample video). Seeking first to understand always.

Key steps:


Initial chat with one of our founders, face-to-face or over the phone to become acquainted.

Clarity Session

2.5hr one-to-one session to comprehensively review your organisation in order to highlight the 3 main barriers to growing its impact.

CEO Clarity Bootcamp

Thirteen 2hr business coaching sessions over 90 days to develop clarity of leadership on the future direction of the enterprise and the ultimate impact you want to make.

Talent Impact

Eight 2hr business coaching sessions to build a robust Talent Strategy that will identify, recruit and retain the core talent to deliver on the big picture – Purpose, Vision, Values.

Embedding Core Habits

Ongoing support you help embed the core habits of enterprise & execution within your organisation – communication, personal productivity, plan-do-review methodology, measurement and flowcharting

It all starts with an initial chat

So get in touch to find out more about how we can help you create an enterprising culture in your business

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