Measure Your Employee Engagement

How engaged are your employees?

To create any kind of positive change as a leader you need to know what’s really happening within your organisation. To do that you need to create a culture that makes its easy for people to tell you what they think. Our cutting edge tool Engagement Multiplier makes this simple and easy.

  • It allows you to set up a survey in minutes that will enable you to receive and give feedback from every employee with complete anonymity.
  • It provides a full report at the push of a button with a benchmark score to measure improvement
  • And its simplicity allows you to get feedback, reporting and insights every 90 days

If you are interested in trying it out just click here. It will only take you 10 mins and will give you a flavour of the type of questions that are asked, how the results are shown and crucially how you rate the level of engagement in your organisation.