4th Sector Entrepreneurship – Printed Book


How to grow sustainable social impact…without losing your mind

It’s time to start talking clearly, coherently and consistently about a 4th Sector – where the enterprise of business mixes with the sense of service of government and the compassion of not-for-profit to create a fertile ground for innovation and the creation of lasting social value. But crucially, we believe the 4th Sector is defined more by the attitude and intent of its leaders and their organisations as any legal definition or structure.

These attitudes, which make 4th Sector entrepreneurs unique and perfectly placed to solve many of societies challenges, can also result in a frustration of not being understood and a feeling of isolation by not fitting in. Furthermore, the need to balance returns for all the stakeholders of an organisation is stressful and can severely impact on the wellbeing of its leader.

This book outlines the defining characteristics of the 4th Sector, it’s importance for building a better future and a host of practical ways 4th Sector entrepreneurs can sustainably grow social impact while avoiding burnout.

Includes interviews from +35 successful 4th Sector Entrepreneurs!

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