Video Curriculum

Do you sometimes feel as if you are the only person that gets what it means to build a sustainable Social Enterprise?

Are you frustrated by the lack of enterprise within your organisation?

Do you just wish you could teach your whole organisation to show a little initiative but don’t know how you can afford it?

enterprisetrainingOur unique, video-based training programme offers a way to address this in an effective and affordable way.

We realise that classroom training is expensive and wasteful as learners forget the vast majority of what they have been told as soon as they leave the room.

Our own experience, backed up by extensive research, shows that the best time to receive the knowledge you need to learn is at the point of application, hence the popularity of YouTube.

Our team of trainers, experienced in the world of Social Enterprise, have designed content that will make it simple to create the culture of enterprise so essential to the success of a sustainable organisation.

Made up of easily accessible short videos that can be delivered to your whole organisation at the press of a button, this content will make it possible to achieve the critical mass of knowledge and understanding that makes it possible to create an enterprising culture.

Our approach is broken down into the following key modules:

  • Developing your “Big Result” – How to gain clarity on your Purpose, Vision & Values
  • Defining Market Positioning – understanding your USP, your market space and your customer avatar
  • Building a Strategic Plan – understanding the key elements of strategy and how to build a strategic plan for  each one – marketing, sales, finance, people and operations
  • Creating the key pillars of an Enterprising Culture – productivity, planning and effective communication

Our groundbreaking learning platform, used by such organisations as United Nations, Vodafone and Carphone Warehouse, allows you to design your own personalised programme while at the same time giving you access to both a group of your peers and an individual coach.

Available either as an individual or an enterprise license to cover your whole organisation, it's possible to start your training for as little as £99.

To find out more about our Video Curriculum or to discover how our videos could revolutionise your organisation, please contact us.