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Many great social businesses’ ideas come from solving a very local need, but often that need can also be global. We often hear people say – “I just wish I had the time, headspace and resources to scale this up” or “I feel I need to do everything as people just don’t seem to understand the nuance of the detail”. The missed opportunities can be really frustrating.

Our Approach

The key to scaling is clarity and that’s why we start by focusing on helping the entrepreneur to communicate their purpose, vision and values clearly and succinctly. They are always the expert, but to scale they need to turn what they think and do intuitively into something that is transparent to everyone in the organisation.

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What our clients say

Craig at Bubble Chamber helped us to establish real clarity around the vision and purpose of the organisation and create a strong message to share with funders, investors and other stakeholders. While their core tool, “Strategy on a Page” enabled me to engage the whole team in thinking through the processes needed to increase income generation through their project activities.

We are now working to embed it as our tool for planning and measuring progress with income generation across all our activities. So far so good!

Craig was an effective facilitator with a great knowledge of the sector, but also a real commitment to ensuring we had real ownership of the whole process. He took the time to get an in-depth understanding of the organisation and the individuals involved which made him easy to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any Social Enterprise looking to grow their social impact.

Joanne Brown

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