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It can be really frustrating when you hire the wrong person or alternatively when a good person leaves as they feel they aren’t getting what they need from their job. Especially in a sector where talent is in high demand and short supply. It can also be very expensive – payoffs; recruitment fees and time. Successful entrepreneurs often attribute their success to having the right people, in the right place at the right time and arguably this is even more vital when resources are tight.

Our Approach

We believe that an effective talent strategy starts with your values. How clear are you about your values? How congruent are your personal values as a leader with those of your organisation? How consistently are these values applied day to day when making strategic and operational decisions?

We help you apply this new clarity to every stage of recruitment, retention and leadership/staff development in ways that makes it simpler to drive growth of your organisation.

Find out about how our social business focused growth framework for Clarity of Talent achieves this

What our clients say

Bubble Chamber has provided great clarity and direction throughout, which really benefits our stakeholders and potentially the sector as a whole. We’ve been working with Craig since September 2015 to develop an employment enterprise strategy and framework to create various pathways for rehabilitated prisoners. As an organisation we're really excited about how Bubble Chamber is enabling us to develop the strategy into a reality. Craig engages brilliantly with the whole range of RAPt’s stakeholders; he’s passionate about social enterprise, highly professional and has delivered quality work to agreed timescales.

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