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Senior Management Team

It is lonely being an entrepreneur and even lonelier being a social entrepreneur, especially when you can’t rely on every member of your senior team. This means that instead of focusing growing your impact you’re wasting time and energy worrying that basic tasks aren’t being done properly. At best it is frustrating and at worst it just becomes miserable.

Our Approach

We help by focusing on making sure you have the right person in the right job.

This starts by making sure you can clearly articulate your ‘Big Result’, your purpose, vision and values, not just for organisation but crucially for yourself. Until you know what you want, you won’t be able to decide what the right team is to have around you to achieve it.

This clarity enables razor sharp focus on what people are needed to do what job, how to place them and crucially how then to support them successfully to be effective.

Find out about how our social business focused growth framework for Clarity of Talent achieves this

What are clients say

…the level of clarity meant that I was able to achieve absolutely everything that I'd set out to achieve in terms of agreement and the Board were completely behind what we were going to do.

— Andrew Croft, Chief Executive of CAN

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