If you’d like to apply for the role of DIGITAL LEARNING CO-ORDINATOR, please read the following carefully and include with your application a series of questions based on it. Basically tell us what more you would need to know in order to begin the task.

You don’t need to tell us how you’d carry out the task, just what extra information you need to know.


To set-up and curate an online facility, using the existing Fuse platform


Bubble Chamber runs a Peer to Peer Group for CEO’s of Social Enterprises.

The Group meets once a month for a morning where people share issues that they have within their enterprises, learn from Guest Speakers and network with each other.

Each of the CEO’s is also coached outside of the sessions by the Chair of the Group using a prescribed approach focused on giving them the clarity that they need to create and implement a strategy for growing their enterprise.


We aim to support these two “face to face” opportunities with an online presence intended to increase both the effectiveness of the coaching process and the learning and networking that the CEO’s get from each other within the group meetings.

To help in this process Bubble Chamber has produced a curriculum made up of over 6 hours of video, split up into 2 minute chunks.

These videos are intended to outline the key principles that the CEO’s need to understand in order to create their initial strategy for growth (clarity of purpose, vision and values, defining their USP (unique selling proposition) their ideal customer as well as the 5 key strategies – Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations and Talent).

Additional videos also set out some core habits that are recommended for enterprises looking to grow (tips for better planning, communication, meetings etc).

It is intended that the videos would be housed on an existing digital platform called Fuse, hosted in the Cloud and available through a computer as well as a mobile app, which offers the following key functionality:

• An individual log-in which allows access to specific areas of content housed within something known as a “Community”. A login can give access to more than one community. In this case the community would be the members of the Peer to Peer Group
• All pre-produced video content can be arranged in two minute chunks under the heading of “Topics”
• PDF’s, word or excel documents or other additional material can be allocated to any individual video as support material
• A series of “Topics” can be collected together to produce a “Learning Course/Plan” for the CEO
• The Coach who supports the CEO can see how many of the videos the CEO has watched & set them questions to see how much they have understood.
• The CEO can “ask a question” of any individual or indeed their whole community
• The CEO can search all of the videos to see if they cover any specific content that might be of interest
• An easy way to create and upload additional video content from both computer or mobile e.g. video of key action points from a meeting or a powerpoint with a voiceover.

It is intended that the coach would introduce the CEO to the platform in their first meeting, give them a login and give them a quick tour of the site while explaining how they expect it to be used as part of the coaching process.


• You should set-up the site so it is as easy as possible for a CEO to get up to speed. This would include a complete suite of “how to videos”, the way it looks and the user experience (ease of navigation and speed being paramount)
• Produce an introductory/starter pack for the coach to hand over to the CEO.
• Ensure that the coach can set up the profile of any new login easily and consistently
• Support the coach in monitoring and facilitating the use of the site within the community including the coach being able to answer questions, follow usage, run coaching sessions and even present webinars
• Be available for any user to get easy access to help and support if something isn’t working
• Monitor the way the site is being used in order to be looking for ways to make it more user friendly. This includes liaising with Fuse itself and keeping up to date with improvements they are implementing on the site.