Peer to Peer Learning

Bubble Chamber CIC

Bubble Chamber’s Peer to Peer Learning Groups, in partnership with CAN Mezzanine, give you the opportunity to seek advice and guidance, refresh your ideas, and learn from the experience of your peers as well as business experts.

Our groups are based on the simple principle that none of us is as smart as all of us.

Hear what members of our groups have to say about them here.

Our methodology consists of a proven structure comprising:

• expert speakers

• peer-to-peer issue sessions

• networking opportunities

• access to coaching from experienced individuals from both Social Enterprise and commercial sectors

Bubble Chamber CICThe process is guided by a Chair with many years experience.

The monthly groups offer a fantastic chance to share your knowledge and develop your personal learning in a safe and comfortable environment.

A solution to social entrepreneurs who are determined to grow their organisations, and to develop as leaders.

To find out more about our Peer to Peer Groups or to join us as a guest at our next session, please contact us.