Our Toolkit

Business Coaching

Do you ever feel that no-one really understands you nor your organisation?

We use Business Coaching as we believe the solution to this lies with you. We also believe that the key to this is alignment between you and the organisation.

Business Coaching drives this alignment.

Its starts by understanding your specific needs, both as an individual and as an organisation. Where you are now, where you want to get to and what is getting in the way.

It then focuses on helping you develop the clarity and alignment of purpose, vision and values to build and implement the strategy to overcome these barriers and achieve your goals.

Contact us to book an initial chat to have a coaching taster.

Leadership Tools

Strategy on a Page

SOAP makes it easy for you to communicate, manage and then delegate all the key elements of your strategic plan without losing control or restricting the effectiveness of your team.

Social Business Indicator

A simple questionnaire that helps you identify a clear snap shot of your strengths and potential weaknesses of your organisation.

Find out how to fill in the Social Business Indicator for free here.

Engagement Multiplier

A tool that enables you to measure anonymously how engaged your employees are with their jobs, and your customers with your services.

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Video Resources & Learning Platform

Clarity Curriculum

180 two minute videos made specially for the Social Enterprise audience. They offer an effective and affordable way to scale up learning and create an enterprising culture.

Cloud-based Learning

Makes it easy and cost effective to access and share knowledge for everyone.

Contact us to preview our cloud-based learning platform and a selection of our Clarity Curriculum videos.

Talent Solutions

Talent Strategy

This is the most important strategy to get right as 'talent drives growth'. Talent is an organisation’s number one asset, so how you recruit, retain and develop your asset base is crucial to ensure that your resources are maximised for delivering effective and sustainable social impact.

Talent Dynamics

Provides a simple way to build mutual understanding within teams and improve productivity through maximising individual and collective team strengths (being in 'flow'). The impact of getting your talent and teams in flow is that they are more engaged in the workplace, more energised and productive, create trust by doing things well and ultimately add more value to the enterprise.

Contact us to book Talent Dynamics for your team.

Harrison's HATS Assessment

Personality is something that generally doesn't change, whereas behaviours are how we choose to act. Unlike most profiling tools, HATS is not a personality inventory, but instead measures your work preferences, interests and tendencies for specific behaviours. These behavioural tendencies then give us indications of why we have certain successes, certain challenges and/or difficulties.

Contact us to book a HATS Assessment to better understand your behavioural tendencies.

Peer to Peer Groups

Its lonely being a Social Entrepreneur. Peer to Peer groups give an ideal opportunity to share problems, seek advice and above all learn from your peers.

To achieve this we are collaborating with The Social Club, which meets 10 times a year and offers expert speakers, networking opportunities and issue sharing sessions.

Contact us about attending the next Social Club event.