Meet the Team

Bubble Chamber is a social enterprise that is completely focused on helping other social enterprises achieve the clarity they need to grow.

We believe this clarity is the basis for the enterprising culture that is needed to achieve the scale of growth that Social Enterprise requires to offer a legitimate Fourth Sector of the economy, an alternative to people and organisations that don’t feel they fit in the commercial, public or charitable economies.

Why Social Enterprise at all?  Read here why we are passionate about this sector.

Our Values

Win/Win – Any interaction should offer a win for all involved, based on mutual honesty, respect and trust. Otherwise we aren’t interested.

Challenging – We will always challenge anyone we deal with in order to maximise what we believe is the potential of the situation.

Collaborative – We like to collaborate as we strongly believe that we are more effective together.

Passionate – We are passionate about the Fourth Sector and the abilities of the people within it to create social value.

The Bubble Chamber Team