How Do I Grow My Social Impact?

By starting with a clear idea of what it is!

The clarity you will achieve through Strategy on a Page ensures that everyone in your organization understands the social impact you are looking for, and the strategy you need to measure and grow it.

The greatest social enterprise idea is only as good as the social value it creates.


Often there is too little clarity about how this is defined and measured.

Supported by our specially trained business coaches using Strategy on a Page, a Social Enterprise leader starts by looking to clarify the service and the value its organisation offers to its customers.

Key to this is defining your customers' needs and wants.

Once this is done, your enterprise can design the product/service you offer to address these problems, and to develop the specific strategies needed for growing your social impact.

Once you have these in place, Strategy on A Page provides a simple and proven way to implement and monitor progress.

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