Business Coaching

Do you ever feel snowed under by all the things you feel you need to do?

Do you feel that your enterprise is in charge of you rather than vice versa?

Do you get frustrated when you delegate something and it doesn’t get done in the way you would like?

Our Business Coaching approach focuses on enabling you to have crystal clear clarity on the purpose and direction of growth, and the key strategies required to progress successfully. This isn’t consulting where people are told what to do, based on some one-size-fits-all formula, nor is it mentoring where we are the experts.

Holding this all together is something we call Strategy on a Page, which not only helps the CEO achieve clarity but makes it simple and easy for you to communicate this to your Board & Senior Management Team. This in turn aids effective decision-making and delegation of tasks throughout the organisation.

Strategy on a Page

Specially adapted for the Social Enterprise sector from a methodology proven in the commercial world, Strategy on A Page makes it easy for you to communicate, manage and then delegate all the key elements of your strategic plan without losing control or restricting the effectiveness of your team.

It starts by defining your “Big Result”, what you want to achieve and why and how you want to behave along the way, not just for the business but also for yourself and any individual, as a key element of your enterprise.


The next step involves defining your “Market Position”, your unique selling proposition and the specific location or space within which you want to operate. This work informs the strategic activities you need to undertake to have a chance of success. Once these are clear, building the plan is easy, complete with the measures of success.

Strategy on A Page then brings all of this together on one page to give the leader all the control they need to manage everything from the whole enterprise right through to the smallest delegated project.  Our holistic approach offers live coaching and video content to support the application and we guarantee that use of the page will, within five short sessions, bring you clarity on the best way to grow your Social Enterprise.

To find out more about our Business Coaching and Strategy on a Page or to understand better how it could work for your business, please contact us.