3 Key Talent Development Problems

What are the most common growth challenges for delivering social impact?

A major barrier we consistently see is the amount of wasted time, effort and money spent on addressing the recruitment, retention and development of talent.

This seems to result from three specific problems:

Confused Behaviour
A lack of clarity around how people should behave and make effective decisions

Confused Communication
A lack of clarity around communication. People not understanding what they need to do and not collaborating effectively with their colleagues

Confused Habits of Execution
A lack of clarity how to get things done in an enterprising way

In fact a lack of talent and a supporting strategy to hire, develop and retain the right people in the right job is arguably the single hurdle to growing any organisation’s financial resilience and social value.

Resolving Key Issues

How does Bubble Chamber help clients fulfil the potential of their organisational talent?

We have developed a proven 5-step growth process and a range of tools to create a Talent Strategy to address the following issues that drives results:

Culture Change
Mapping organisational culture and values onto measurable behaviours

Leadership Development
Developing leadership skills, helping leaders and managers to identify and develop effective behaviours

Employee Engagement & Retention
Developing engagement and retention strategies, understanding what motivates and drives individuals and teams

Talent Development
Coaching and developing people, helping them to understand their strengths and how to use them to good effect

Talent Acquisition
Getting the right people into the right roles, making sure they’re a good fit with your business

Team Building
Building and developing high-performing teams

What our Clients Say

“Talent Dynamics has not only helped me understand where I can be most productive but also how to get the best out of my Senior Management. It is a simple but highly effective profiling tool for the real world.”

Andrew Croft
Chief Executive

“Craig Carey was instrumental in helping me develop our Social Business arm. He is patient, empowering and motivational. He helped me gain clarity on both my strengths and challenges and when mixed with his integrity and sense of humour, the journey was really enjoyable.”

Kathryn Uche
Founder of Villages CIC and former CEO of CAYSH

“Bubble Chamber have helped us create a values-driven Talent Strategy to drive our hiring, retention and development of our staff. The clarity this has provided about who and what we stand for now become a powerful tool used across all aspects of our work.”

Rob Music

“The work I have been doing with Bubble Chamber has focused my leadership style and given me increased clarity on the talent strategy needed to maximise the opportunities to innovate and grow the impact of MacMillan.”

Joe Swann
Head of Innovation

“I’ve experienced lots of different coaching, personality assessment and strength profiling over the years. I have to say that using the HATS process and working with Craig was extremely enlightening and brought out some genuinely new and very helpful insights. It helped to reinforce what I’m already doing well and also brought to light several important areas for development. Most importantly I now have some very practical actions to take away which could make a big difference, both for me and for my organisation”

Dr Mark Williamson
Chief Executive

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